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How it works

Step 1: Choose your charity

Caring for your community doesn’t need to be complicated. 

For every coffee bag that is sold, Beans To An End will donate $1 to one of our partner charities, Support Act and the Dylan Alcott Foundation. You can find more information on these charities here

We chose these charities because they are causes that we believe in, and we’ll be adding more to the lineup as time goes on. You can either buy a single coffee bag or sign up for a subscription with us. Regardless of how you buy it, for every bag purchased, we will donate $1 to the charity of your choice.

Step 2: Choose your beans

Coffee is personal, and everyone drinks it differently. So, choose a bean that suits your needs. 

For those who need an intense, flavourful morning shot, our espresso beans will do the trick for you. For something a bit softer and smoother, the filter beans may be up your alley. 

Then, let us know if you need them pre-ground, or if you have a grinder at home. We would recommend grinding them yourself if you can, only because they will remain fresher for longer that way. Our shop page can guide you through the process if you get lost. 

Our blends change seasonally to keep things fresh and exciting for subscribers.


Step 3: Enjoy your coffee

Our beans are roasted fresh, and sent to you via Sendle.

Once you place an order, your coffee will be dispatched in the same day (or on the next business day). 

All of our beans are specialty grade, and ethically sourced. This is good news for you, and great news for our farmers.

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