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Will there be new blends?

Yes, new blends will be announced each season. They will vary depending on the supply of each coffee, and we strive to always keep things interesting and delicious for you.

How fresh is the coffee, and how long will it last?

This is as fresh as specialty coffee gets.

We ship the coffee the day after it’s roasted.

Regarding shelf life, each blend is slightly different. But as a rule of thumb, your coffee will bring out the most flavours in its first 14 days. After that, it will stay delicious until the 30 day mark. It’s still drinkable after this, but it will be a little stale.

When will I get my coffee/what is your roasting schedule?

For launch week, we’ll be roasting on Wednesday, 5/08.

After this, we will be roast coffee every fortnight, starting from Monday 10/08.


When are your shipping days?

We ship the coffee the day after its roasted, and we roast it fortnightly. 

Who do you use for deliveries?

We use Sendle. Once we have the courier pick up the item, you’ll be sent a tracking link.

How long does delivery take?

Generally deliveries will despatch on Tuesday and arrive by Thursday in capital cities, and may take slightly longer if you’re out in the country.

I live in Melbourne, can I pick up my order?

At this stage we offer a delivery service only.

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

Yes! Please let us know in the address section that you have a PO box, and we’ll send the item via Australia Post instead of Sendle.

Does Beans To An End_ ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not currently ship internationally. We only deliver to Australian addresses. This may change soon if the demand increases.

Where do I find the tracking number for my delivery?

Your tracking number will be emailed to you when your order has been dispatched.

Payments / Subscriptions

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log in via the My Account page, click on the “My Subscriptions” tab and click [CANCEL]. Any outstanding orders that have been paid for will be delivered.

Can I change my subscription?

To change your subscription, simple log in via the My Account page and cancel your current subscription and make a new one.

Do I receive an invoice and confirmation for my order?

If you have made a one off purchase you will recieve an email confirmtation. To recieve a TAX invoice please contact info@beanstoanend.com.au.

For subscriptions, you will reicve an email confirmation for the first initial transaction, however to avoid spamming you each fortnight, we have decided not to send a confrimation each time the subscription is renewed. To view your orders simply log into your account via the My Account page, click on the “Orders” tab to view your order history, order numbers and statuses.

Can I pause my subscription?

Currently you can not pause your subscription, however you can cancel your subscription at any time and re-subscribe via the My Account page. Simply log into your account, click on the “My Subscriptions” tab and click [CANCEL]. To re-activate your account, log in and click [REACTIVATE].

My Account

I have lost my password, how do I get it back?

To retrieve your password, please click here and fill in your email address. Your password will be emailed to you.  Once you have your user name and password, you can log in via the My Account page.

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